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Our goal is to help ALL young people, achieve their dreams of Higher Education, either through College or Technical Schools.  YOU too can help support! Volunteer, donate or invest!


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Getting Involved

Support Young People


Are you passionate about supporting young people?  We support young people with their College or Technical school applications and Financial Aid process.

If you understand the process and are interested in helping a young person, simply contact us.

We guide young people, we don’t do the work for them.  After all, we want them to be part of our team in the future.

You can also be part of our International Immersion projects!

MakING a Donation

We are seeking your support!

We ask participants to donate what they can to the cause, but they don’t always have the means. 

We are seeking donors who are interested in making an investment in young people.  Help us change the realities of many, by making a donation which can help us help others.

Let’s change the realities, while developing a stronger and more educated society. 

Featured Schools


We have helped a number of students gain acceptance to USC!


It is harder and harder to gain acceptance to NYU, but we can guide you.


The Cal State system of schools in California. Great schools, great acceptance.


How about them Dawgs!  A few of our participants have chosen GA schools!

What we do

Our Services

college applications

We work with young people in deciding the best school for them, and guide in the process of applying.  We help create a checklist of what they need, and then we support them in making sure they have everything they need to apply and get accepted!  Of course, and on to graduation.

technical schools

College is not for everyone, and we understand that.  We also work with young people in helping them decide what field they would like to work in.  We help them identify the right training, and work with them in securing acceptance, and making a plan for succes.

financial aid

We work with young people to make sure they understand the financial aid process, from beginning to end.  Applying for, managing it and understanding the process of paying it back if necessary. We always seek to prevent un-necessary debt for them.

immersion projects

Young people need greater exposure and a full understanding of the world outside of their communities.  We offer an immersion project, which allows young people to visit other countries, as part of their academic process.  This allows them to gain a greater appreciation for their realities, and opens the doors for better job opportunities.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To support young people in achieve a higher education, expose them to better opporetunities and in turn have more positive life outcomes.

Get Involved

Support our efforts by joining our team, volunteering or giving to the cause.  Every bit helps, and it means another young person can pursue better career opportunities.

Upcoming Events

NOW - fall applications and financial aid

If you’re interested in financial aid, you need to contact us now.  It is also time for Fall 2024 applications!

FALL 2024 - Oaxaca immersion project

Sign up now if you’re interested in participating in a Oaxaca, MX immersion project.  You will have an opportunity to visit non-touristy towns, meet young people, participate in sports activities, and more!